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portable power station for camping

Power Supply | Best Portable Power Station for Camping

A reliable portable power station is essential for staying connected and comfortable when camping. Imagine being deep in the wilderness, needing to charge your phone or power up some lights.

A portable power station provides the freedom to do so, even without access to electricity. Whether running a mini fridge or keeping your devices charged, the right power supply ensures you can enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing modern conveniences.

Key Considerations When Buying Portable Power Stations for Camping

When selecting a portable power station for camping, consider the following factors. They determine the performance and suitability of a portable power station for your camping needs. You can choose the right power station that meets your requirements by assessing each factor.

Battery Capacity

Consider your camping power needs and duration when choosing a portable power station. Opt for a higher battery capacity for longer trips or multiple devices.

A larger capacity ensures extended device power without frequent recharging, especially if using solar panels for recharging.
This allows longer off-grid periods with access to necessary power.

Output Wattage

When choosing a portable power station for camping, prioritize high output wattage to support various devices. A minimum of 200 watts suits basic charging, but consider 500 watts or more for larger appliances.

Some power stations allow expansion with solar panels, adding to the wattage output. This ensures worry-free camping with sufficient power for your needs.

Outlet Types

When choosing a portable power station, ensure it offers various outlet types like AC, DC, USB ports, and a cigarette lighter socket. This versatility allows you to power up devices ranging from smartphones to laptops.

Also, check compatibility with portable solar panels for recharging off the grid. Selecting the right outlet types ensures a hassle-free camping experience.

Solar Charging Capability

When choosing a portable power station, prioritize solar charging capability for off-grid recharging using the sun's energy.

Look for efficient portable solar panels to connect to the power station and a charge controller for optimal solar charging and device protection.

Seek a power station with high solar input capacity to maximize sunny day recharging.

Prioritizing solar charging enhances camping experiences with sustainable and reliable power.

Physical Size and Weight

When choosing a portable power station for camping, prioritize compactness and lightness for easy transport and storage.

Seek a power station that balances output and portability. Opt for a small size that fits in camping gear without too much space. Look for dimensions suitable for stowing in a vehicle or backpack.

Choose a lightweight power station that won't burden you during outdoor adventures. Aim for a weight that you can comfortably carry to your campsite. Prioritizing these factors will ensure a hassle-free camping experience.


When choosing a portable power station for camping, prioritize durability. Look for robust designs that can withstand outdoor conditions.

Opt for models with reinforced corners and water-resistant features to protect internal components.

Assess the lithium-ion battery quality and heat dissipation for long-lasting performance. This ensures consistent energy consumption during camping trips.

Calculating Electrical Needs

Before heading out on your camping trip, assessing the devices requiring charging, the appliances needing power, and whether the power station will act as a primary or backup source is crucial.

Understanding your electrical requirements is key to selecting the most suitable portable power station for your camping needs.

Essential devices to charge

When planning for camping, assessing the devices needing power is important. This includes smartphones, tablets, cameras, and fans. Each device has its power requirements that need to be taken into account.

For example, smartphones typically need around 10-15 watts of power, while laptops require a higher amount, usually 45-60 watts. By determining the power requirements for each device, you can calculate the total power needed for all devices.

This information is crucial in selecting a suitable portable power station for your camping trip. Understanding the power needs of your devices will help ensure that you choose a power station that can adequately meet those needs.

Taking the time to assess and calculate the power requirements for your devices will ultimately lead to a more successful and convenient camping experience.

Appliances to run

When planning for camping, consider the power needs of your appliances. List each appliance and its power consumption in watts. Estimate daily usage hours to calculate total watt-hours.

Choose a portable power station that meets your watt-hour needs and has enough outlets. Opt for energy-efficient appliances and power-saving settings to extend the power station's battery life.

Backup vs. primary power

When planning your camping trip, it is important to assess your power needs. This involves calculating the frequency and duration of device usage, which will help you decide whether you need primary or backup power.

  • Primary Power: Suppose you are on an extended camping trip and require constant, reliable power for essential devices such as medical equipment, refrigerators, or cooking appliances. In that case, primary power is the best option for you.
  • Backup Power: On the other hand, if you are going on a short trip, need emergency power, or want a secondary source in case the primary power fails, then backup power is suitable. It is also useful for charging electronic devices.

Understanding your electrical needs is crucial in choosing the best portable power station for your camping adventure.

Top Portable Power Station Brands

When choosing a portable power station for camping, consider top brands like Jackery, Anker, Bluetti, Ecoflow, and Rockpals.
Each brand offers varying features and capacities, so assess your power needs before deciding.

1. Jackery

The Jackery Explorer Series stands out for outdoor enthusiasts when considering a portable power station for camping. These stations are designed for off-grid power and offer varying capacities to suit specific needs, ensuring reliable backup power during outdoor excursions.

Jackery power stations are compact and lightweight, allowing easy portability for camping trips. With Jackery, campers can trust a dependable power backup to enhance their outdoor experience, whether for charging devices or running essential camping equipment.

2. Anker

Anker, a leading brand for off-grid power solutions, offers portable power stations designed for camping. These stations are compact, lightweight, and equipped with USB ports for charging devices.

Anker's power stations have ample energy capacity and an LED display for real-time power monitoring, making them reliable for outdoor adventures.

3. Bluetti

Bluetti, a leading brand in portable power stations, delivers dependable and efficient energy solutions for camping and outdoor activities.

The lithium iron phosphate batteries in Bluetti's power stations offer long-lasting and stable power, ensuring a reliable power supply for uninterrupted outdoor experiences.

Bluetti's dedication to quality and innovation makes it a top choice for campers seeking trustworthy portable power stations.

Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that Bluetti brings to your outdoor adventures.

4. Ecoflow

Ecoflow, a leading brand in portable power stations, offers the Delta model, ideal for off-grid camping.

The Delta model delivers high power output, enabling the operation of essential camping appliances like fridges and lights.

Additionally, its compatibility with solar panels allows for sustainable energy harnessing.

This feature ensures a reliable power source for remote camping trips without compromising modern comforts.

5. Rockpals

Looking for a reliable portable power station for camping? Rockpals is a top choice.

Their stations offer diverse charging options, are compact, lightweight, and perfect for camping trips with limited space.

You can power all your devices and appliances worry-free with Rockpals portable power stations.

Best Portable Power Stations for Camping

When considering the best portable power stations for camping, options such as the ECOFLOW DELTA 2, ECOFLOW RIVER PRO, ECOFLOW RIVER 2 PRO, ECOFLOW DELTA PRO, and ACOPOWER 193WH stand out.

These power stations offer versatile and reliable energy solutions for various camping needs, ensuring a suitable choice for specific requirements.



The EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station is a reliable power source for camping. It's versatile and dependable with expandable capacity, high AC output, and fast charging.

Weighing around 27lbs and backed by a 5-year warranty, it's durable and easy to carry. The DELTA 2 lets you stay connected, explore freely, and maintain control without compromising speed or performance.

It's ideal for those seeking the freedom to power up anywhere and take charge of their camping adventure.



    The EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station provides three 600W AC outlets catering to various camping power needs. Whether you need to power a mini-fridge, charge your phone, or operate a sound system, this portable station is versatile.

    Its quick 0-80% recharge time within one hour offers convenience. The compact, all-in-one design ensures easy usability. It offers 720Wh capacity and the option to double capacity to 1440Wh. 

    Notably, it offers ample power for camping, quick recharging, and portability. However, there are limited reviews, no buyer protection information, and scarce details on remote control capabilities.



    The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro Portable Power Station is a reliable companion for camping adventures. With its substantial 768Wh capacity and 800W output, it has the power to run 80% of home appliances.

    The X-Boost output of up to 1600W allows for even more versatility. This portable power station offers four charging options: AC, car, solar, and USB-C, ensuring that power is always available no matter where you are.

    Weighing just 7.8kg, it is a lightweight, easy-to-transport option for outdoor excursions. The intelligent app control allows for effortless power monitoring and management.

    Recharging takes only 70 minutes, and the power station offers dependable performance for up to 10 years. It is also TÜV Rheinland safety certified for added peace of mind. The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro is the ultimate hassle-free camping partner.



      The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station provides reliable and versatile power for camping trips. It offers 3600W-7200W AC output, accommodating 99% of appliances, expandable capacity from 3.6-25kWh, and rapid AC charging.

      This high-capacity portable power station allows recharging at thousands of EV stations globally, ensuring uninterrupted power during adventures.

      While heavy and bulky for some users, it offers the flexibility and peace of mind needed for outdoor activities.



      The ACOPOWER 193WH Portable Power Station is a versatile and reliable option for camping and outdoor expeditions.

      It features a high-capacity battery that can provide up to 10 hours of power for a refrigerator at 0℃/32℉, making it perfect for keeping your food and beverages cool while enjoying the great outdoors.

      One of the highlights of this power station is its versatile charging methods. It can be charged using a 120v AC adapter, a 12v/24V DC adapter, or a 12v solar panel. This means you can easily charge your devices no matter where you are, ensuring you never run out of power.

      In addition to its charging capabilities, the ACOPOWER 193WH Portable Power Station also offers other useful features. It has a 5V/3A USB port can efficiently charge small digital devices like phones and tablets. It also has a built-in LED flashlight, providing you with outdoor lighting whenever you need it.

      Furthermore, this power station is compatible with Lioncooler PX-series solar portable freezers and car refrigerators. This makes it a great choice for those with specific camping needs and requires a power source for their specialized equipment.

      ACOPOWER offers a 1-year quality warranty for this power station, giving you peace of mind during outdoor adventures. They also provide expert support, ensuring you have assistance whenever needed.

      However, it's important to note that this power station does have some limitations. It does not come with solar panels, so you must purchase them separately to use solar charging.

      Additionally, some users may find it relatively heavy, which can be a drawback regarding portability. Lastly, its capacity limits it to powering smaller devices, so it may not be suitable for larger appliances or devices requiring much power.

      How we Test the Best Portable Power Stations for Camping

      Our testing process involves quantitative benchmarking, validating battery capacity, and verifying output ports. These methods offer objective model comparisons, helping you select the best portable power station for your camping needs, aligning with your outdoor lifestyle.

      Power Supply for Overlanding and Camping | FAQs

      1. What is the best portable power station for camping

      When selecting the optimal portable power station for camping, prioritize high battery capacity to ensure ample power for devices.
      Choose a compact and lightweight station for easy transport during outdoor activities.
      With the right power station, enjoy exploring the outdoors worry-free.

      2. How long will a portable power station last on a camping trip

      When planning a camping trip, it's crucial to consider the duration a portable power station will last.

      The EcoFlow Delta, well-suited for camping, can power a 12V fridge for about 20-30 hours, charge a drone 80 times, or run a CPAP machine for 20-40 hours. The duration depends on the devices' energy efficiency.

      For example, charging phones and cameras consumes less power than running a heater or a microwave.

      The EcoFlow Delta can keep essential devices running for several days without a recharge, ensuring a reliable power source for off-grid adventures.

      This lets you enjoy your camping experience without worrying about a power outage.

      3. Can I recharge with solar panels while camping

      When camping, recharging your portable power station with solar panels extends its power supply, providing sustainable energy. Ensure compatibility with built-in solar charge controllers for efficient recharging.

      Choose higher-wattage panels for faster recharging and greater camping freedom.

      Harnessing solar power ensures continuous and renewable energy for outdoor activities.

      4. What size power station do I need for camping

      When selecting a portable power station for camping, consider your specific energy requirements. The power station size needed depends on the devices you plan to power. For charging phones, cameras, or running small appliances, a 200-400 watt-hour battery capacity should suffice.

      For larger needs, like running a mini-fridge or CPAP machine, a 400-1000 watt-hour capacity may be more suitable. Consider the duration of your camping trips and the availability of recharging options.

      A compact and lightweight power station offers freedom and versatility, allowing you to explore off-grid locations without compromising essential power supply. Choose a camping station that fits your energy demands while allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors.

      5. Where to buy portable power station for camping

      When choosing a portable power station for camping, consider retailers specializing in outdoor gear like Green Gear Store, REI, Cabela's, or Bass Pro Shops. 

      6. How to prolong the battery life of portable power station

      For optimal battery life of your portable power station when camping, adopt smart charging practices and proper storage.

      Avoid overcharging the battery to prevent capacity degradation.
      Use the recommended charger to ensure compatibility and prevent damage.

      Recharge after each use to maintain battery health even if not fully depleted.
      Store the power station in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

      Before long periods of non-use, ensure the battery is at around 50% capacity to prevent complete drainage.

      These practices will extend the battery life for reliable power during outdoor adventures.


      When choosing a portable power station for camping, consider the energy needs of your devices.

      Just as a reliable lantern lights the way, a dependable power supply keeps your campsite charged and buzzing with activity.

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