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☆ Free Shipping! 🚚 Minimum Order $99 ☆

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Camping Shelters For All Seasons and Adventure Types

Welcome to the Green Gear Store, your one-stop shop for all your camping needs! We offer a wide range of high-quality tents for every type of camping adventure. Whether you're planning a weekend camping trip with your family, a backpacking excursion, or a group camping trip, we have the perfect tent for you.

For those road trips with the family and camping in the woods, we've curated a variety of family tents that are perfect for you. You will enjoy a lot of private spaces and room to walk around in these tents, and also enjoy plenty of space for sleeping. In addition, these tents are built to endure all different weather environments, our family camping tents are composed of strong materials so you that you can continue to use them for many years. Additionally, we provide you with a selection of sizes to accommodate the needs of your family or groups of various sizes.

Additionally, we curate and pick only the best ultralight backpacker-friendly tents. These tents are portable, lightweight, and simple to set up. Long-distance treks and overnight camping outings are ideal for them. The camping tent selections that we offer are made of strong, lightweight materials, and have a simple design to reduce weight. In order to meet your backpacking needs, we offer them in a range of different designs and sizes.

Lastly, we have our group camping tents, which are excellent for base camps, big families, and group outings. These tents have enough room for several people and still have storage room for expedition equipment. They have numerous rooms, excellent construction, and many doors for accessibility and convenience. Our group camping tents are made to resist severe weather conditions and can hold large parties. They can accommodate at least 8 people.

We have the ideal tent for every type of camper, including families, backpackers, and groups. We provide top-notch tents that are built to last with materials that can withstand adverse weather while meeting your needs.

Green Gear Store is an authorized dealer for all the outdoor gear brands that we offer.  We carry the best quality name-brand outdoor products and your satisfaction is our main goal. Speak to a Green Gear Store specialist today by phone - 1 (888) 888 -8888, email - or chat with us as we can answer any questions and help you find the right outdoor gear that suits your lifestyle and adventure needs!