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Backpacking Tents

The Green Gear Store is the ultimate destination for all your backpacking outdoor gear needs! We offer a huge variety of high-quality backpacking tents to choose from, whether is is just a long weekend hike, or a quick overnight camping trip with your loved one or even that round the world backpacking adventure that you have been planning for a while. 

If you are looking at packing extremely light, then the ultralight backpacking tents will be ideal for you.  These are also popular amongst solo backpackers or couples traveling together. Check out our lightweight hiking tents that are easy to set up and won't add a lot of weight to the rest of the gear you need to take with you.  In order to save you some weight on your journey, we have selected well-known brands and tent products that are constructed from sturdy yet lightweight materials. 

Opt for our free-standing tents if you are a hiker who values simplicity in tent setup. If you're thinking about setting up camp on rocky or uneven terrain, these tents are a great option because they are quick and easy to erect and don't require any staking. For trips with two to three people camping, these are also perfect.  We offer a variety of freestanding tent models for you and your family to choose from.

We also carry double-wall trekking tents.  If you are a backcountry hiker and prefer ventilation in your tent, while avoiding condensation, then these types of tents are ideal for you. They consist of a two-layer construction: the top flysheet and the shelter on the bottom. You also get rain protection while still allowing air to circulate. These offer plenty of room for a 2-person camping trip so you can share it with your loved one.

For our daring travelers, we have a curated collection of 4-season backpacking tents. These tents are constructed with more poles, thicker fabric, and better ventilation in order to withstand colder temperatures, deep snow, strong winds, and other types of severe weather conditions. If this is the type of adventure you seek, then check out our four-season tent collection. 

Our backpacking collection page offers a wide range of backpacking tents for every type of backpacking adventure. Whether you're a weight-conscious backpacker, a solo traveler, or a couple, we have the perfect tent for you. 

Speak to a Green Gear Store specialist today by phone - 1 (480) 702-1177, email -, or chat with us as we can answer any questions and help you find the right backpacking tent that suits your adventure needs and budget!

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