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3 Season Tents

Green Gear Store offers a wide range of 3 season tents to help you prepare for your next camping adventure. Planning a summer camping trip, spring backpacking excursion, or a fall camping getaway? Then we have the right gear for you to stay comfortable and protected from the elements on your trip. 

If you are looking to go on adventures in milder weather and temperatures, such as spring, summer, and fall, then check out our two and three-season backpacking tents. Our one and two-season tents are are basic in construction features and popular with backpackers, solo travelers. If you are looking to go on camping adventures in milder weather and temperatures (e.g. spring, summer, and fall), then check out our two and three-season backpacking tents. 

Three-season tents are our most commonly purchased tents among our customers who love hiking since they are quite versatile and hold up well to inclement weather like rain. These types of tents are portable, light, have adequate ventilation, and even provide sufficient space for you and your family to move around as needed. You can purchase these types of tents for use in mild winter weather if you have the right sleeping gear and adequate clothing to protect you from the elements.

Family camping trips create lasting memories. Take your family on an outdoor adventure and enjoy nature with our popular family tents that are designed for those who need a spacious and comfortable shelter for their camping trips. With features like roomy design, heavy-duty construction, and high-quality materials, our tents will keep you and your family comfortable and protected while providing plenty of room so you can enjoy those family games and late-night bedtime stories.

For individuals who need a lot of ventilation during their camping outings, we offer screened tents. These tents are available in a range of sizes and shapes, allowing you to select the ideal tent for your unique requirements. No matter where your activities take you, our screened tents will keep you cozy and sheltered from the elements thanks to features like roomy design, sturdy construction, and high-quality materials.

Work with our team to choose the right tent for your specific needs and preferences. With high-quality products and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we are your go-to source for all your camping needs. Speak to a Green Gear Store specialist today by phone - 1 (480) 702-1177, email - or chat with us as we can answer any questions. We can help you find the right camping tents that suit your adventure needs and budget. Shop now and get ready for your next adventure! 

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