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ACOPOWER LTK 120W Foldable Solar Panel Kit w/ ProteusX 20A Charge Control

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The ACOPOWER 120 Watt Monocrystalline Portable Solar Panel is designed for those who live on the go and need continuous power. Featuring high-efficiency solar panels, the 120W Solar Panel is your new best friend when you're far from home. Travel with ease using the charger's bungee loops which attach to your backpack. Unfold the device and expose the 120-watt high-performance solar panel.

ACOPOWER Ltk 120W Foldable Solar Panel Kit w/ ProteusX 20A Charge Control

No matter where you go, keep your most important electronic devices powered up and connected to the world. With the ACOPOWER 120-Watt Monocrystalline Portable Solar Panel, you can explore the world without worrying about running out of power! Unfold and enjoy the benefits of 120 watts of high-performance solar energy, then buckle it up and take it with you, knowing your devices will always stay connected. Experience effortless power no matter where your travels take you.

ACOPOWER Ltk 120W Foldable Solar Panel Kit w/ ProteusX 20A Charge Controller Features:

120-Watt Portable Solar Panel
  • Light and portable handle design set up in one minute! Includes an external pocket for cables and accessories and three support legs for easy setup.
  • High-performance monocrystalline cells increase conversion efficiency by up to 25%.
  • This kit includes a portable solar panel suitcase, 20A LCD waterproof charge controller; alligator clamps for battery charging, a USB QC 3.0 port; a USB-C(Type C) port; a DC to DC adapter, different sizes of connectors, two pairs of MC-4 Connectors, and an SAE to SAE adapter.
  • 3-USB SMART CHARGING TECHNOLOGY - The built-in smart IC chip identifies your device and maximizes the charging speed while protecting your devices from overcharging and overloading. The charging current of USB ports is monitored and automatically adjusted according to the sunlight level.

20A LCD Charge Controller

  • Compatible with eight battery types: Lithium-ion, LiFePO4, LTO, Gel, AGM, Flooded, Crystal, and Calcium. 
  • Waterproof design, suitable for indoor, outdoor, camping, boat, and RV use.
  • 20 amps 12v/24v auto continuous charging capacity, enabling use of up to 12V/360watts, 24V/720watts.
  • Significant negative ground LCD design. Presets for volts, amps, amp hours, and battery.
  • Five charging states: soft, bulk, absorption, equalization, and float, providing for 100% return of capacity and longer battery life. Over-voltage, short circuit, and reverse polarity protection.
ACOPOWER Ltk 120W Foldable Solar Panel Kit w/ ProteusX 20A Charge Control

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 120W Foldable Solar Panel
  • 1 x 20A Charge Controller
  • 1 x Alligator Clamps
  • 1 x User Manual

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