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ACOPOWER Solar Connector Solar to 8mm Adapter Cable

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The ACOPOWER Solar Connector Solar to 8mm Adapter Cable provides a reliable and secure connection between the ACOPOWER Solar Panel and an 8mm output. Constructed with high-quality materials, this cable is designed to last and efficiently convert energy from the sun into usable power. This cable ensures consistent and reliable power output, allowing you to safely and effectively utilize the energy from the sun.

ACOPOWER Solar Connector Solar to 8mm Adapter Cable

Enjoy dependable energy conversion with the ACOPOWER Solar Connector Solar to 8mm Adapter Cable. It comes with plug-and-play-ready connectors, and it's waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant, allowing it to perform in even the harshest outdoor conditions. Get reliable, long-term performance out of your ACOPOWER Solar Panel with this durable and dependable adapter cable.

ACOPOWER Solar Connector Solar to 8mm Adapter Cable Features:

  • It is universal for all solar panels and GZ products with Solar connectors and also suitable for the power station with DC8mm like Jkery Saoki GZ Solar Generator
  • The cable is made of heavy-duty 12AWG 18inches wire. Very thick and durable.
  • The cable is convenient to offer you a good experience when charging.
  • Installation: Removable solar connectors enable the cable to connect to PV panels and generator in seconds
  • California, USA-based company in 9+ years solar industry supplies technical support, customer service, and warranty.

PV Connector Female/Male Solar Panel to DC 8mm Charge Adapter:

  • Step 1: Select one solar panel for your generator, make sure your panel’s voltage and watt are not too big nor too small
  • Step 2: check if the PV panel has MC-4 connectors, if not, please buy one pair and install them. Check Youtube on how to install MC-4 connectors for PV panel
  • Step 3: Connect the MC4 with the panel and the adapter (cable)
  • Step 4: Connect the DC plug-in to the generator
  • Step 5: put the solar panel under the sunlight and turn on the generator in the shade.

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