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ACOPOWER 10W 12V Solar Charger Kit, 5A Charge Controller With Alligator Clips

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🌞 Harness the sun's limitless power with the efficient and high powered ACOPOWER 10W 12V Solar Charger Kit. This solar kit delivers up to 10W of clean, reliable energy. Whether you're new to solar or a seasoned enthusiast, installation is a breeze with pre-drilled holes on the panels, ensuring a quick and convenient setup.

This Acopower Solar Kit is a pathway to cleaner, greener power. Don't miss out on the chance to embrace sustainable power wherever you go, use its power to illuminate your courtyard, power small devices, explore portable solar solutions, and so much more!

This ACOPOWER 10W 12V Solar Charger Kit is designed for customers new to solar. The mono solar panel boasts high conversion efficiency of up to 10W, and the updated 5A PWM charge controller has a USB output for 12V battery charge. Ideal for various off-grid needs, such as water pumping systems, signaling systems, and more.

ACOPOWER 10W 12V Solar Charger Kit, 5A Charge Controller w/ Alligator Clips

The lightweight design is easy to transport, making it perfect for camping, boating, hiking, or emergency preparedness. Utilize this solar kit to power off-grid needs with eco-friendly solar energy.

ACOPOWER 10W 12V Solar Charger Kit, 5A Charge Controller w/ Alligator Clips Features:

  • Solar Kit: Used High Modules Conversion Efficiency 10W Mono  Solar Panel. Provides Up to 10W Designed specifically for customers new to solar. Easy and convenient to install with pre-drilled holes on panels
  • Upgraded Charge Controller: Upgraded to Positive Grounding Controller, New 5A PWM Charge Controller. The 5A charge controller with USB output for 12V battery charge. You Can Expand Your System Up to a Maximum of 2. Positive Grounding Controller Ensures the Broader Off-Grid Applications and Safety.
  • Best Free & Clean Power Resource Used in Various Off-Grid Applications that Include 12 arrays, WaterPumping Systems, Signaling Systems, and other Off-Grid
  • Packing Detail: Comes with a 15W 12V polycrystalline solar panel and a 5A PWM Charge Controller with Alligator Clips. 15ft cable from the charge controller to the battery, 5A fuse, and alligator clamps to clip to your battery in 10 seconds with protection.
  • Applications & Warranty: Great for Off-grid applications, Such as RVs, Trailers, Boats, Sheds, and Cabins. Panels, five years material and quality warranty and 25 years power output warranty; Accessories, one-year material & quality warranty.
ACOPOWER 10W 12V Solar Charger Kit, 5A Charge Controller w/ Alligator Clips

Package List:

  • 1 x LS0512EU Solar Charging Controller with Alligator Clips
  • 1 x HY010-12M Solar Panel
  • 2 x User Manual 

Application Scope:

  • Courtyard lighting. 
  • Small household lighting system. 
  • Street lighting. 
  • Portable solar power. 
  • Solar Pump 
  • All small power electrical devices & small PV systems.

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