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ACOPOWER LiONCooler Combo, X50A (52 Quarts) and 90W Solar Panel

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Meet the Acopower LiONCooler Combo, the perfect solution for keeping your food and drinks cool during your outdoor adventures. This combo includes the X50A Portable Solar Fridge/Freezer (52 Quarts) and a 90W Solar Panel Kit by ACOPOWER, providing you with all the power you need. Upgrade your regular cooler to the LiONCooler Combo and enjoy the convenience of a portable solar fridge/freezer with a powerful solar panel kit. Keep your food and drinks cool, stay powered, and confidently go and explore the great outdoors!

ACOPOWER LiONCooler Combo, X40A (42 Quarts) and 90W Solar Panel

The LiONCooler Combo is built with high-quality construction and a reliable solar panel, making it ideal for off-grid capabilities. It also features a spacious interior to fit up to 32 quarts of food and drinks, and adjustable shelves for maximum convenience. With the LiONCooler Combo, keep your food and drinks fresh on your next camping trip, long weekend, or daily outdoor adventure.

ACOPOWER LiONCooler Combo, X40A (42 Quarts) and 90W Solar Panel

ACOPOWER LiONCooler X50A Portable Solar Fridge/Freezer:

Experience the convenience of a portable cooling system with the LiONCooler X30A. This 42-quart solar fridge/freezer boasts a rechargeable 173Wh battery, providing up to 10 hours of chilling power. With a quick charging time of 4-6 hours, you can quickly replenish the battery and keep your items cool for extended periods.

Stay in control of your cooling experience with the digital LCD display or the free Bluetooth App for iOS or Android. Adjust the temperature according to your needs, even remotely, ensuring your items stay chilled. The LiONCooler chills to an impressive -4°F, thanks to its high-performance compressors, ensuring optimal cooling performance wherever you are. Enjoy an ice-cold drink at anytime anywhere!

You also get versatile charging options that allow you to use AC power, 12-volt DC power in your car, or solar panels. The battery only depletes when you use the LiONCooler in portable mode. When connected to a power source, the battery remains fully charged, providing you with uninterrupted cooling power.

ACOPOWER 90W Foldable Solar Panel:

The included 90W foldable solar panel is highly portable and adds an eco-friendly power source to your outdoor setup. The three 30W solar panels fold into a convenient suitcase, providing a total power output of 90W. Charge your 12V solar generator, or battery with an inverter, power bank/station, or any compatible device with the built-in charge controller and MC-4 adapter.

Whether used on its own or as part of a larger solar system, the ACOPOWER 90W Solar Panel Kit brings you the convenience of quick charging wherever there is sunlight. Embrace the freedom of clean, renewable energy and extend your power options on your outdoor adventures.

Acopower LiONCooler X50A Portable Solar Fridge/Freezer Product Specifications:

ACOPOWER 52 Quarts Solar Freezer
  • 173Wh Rechargeable
  • LiONCooler takes 4-6 hours to fully charge.
  • The battery has a 10-hour life to keep the chill.
  • If the temperature outside changes, you can adjust the cooler’s temperature using the digital LCD display or remotely with the free Bluetooth App available for iOS or Android.
  • LiONCooler chills to -4°F and is equipped with quality high-performance compressors to ensure performance.
  • Use AC, 12-volt DC in the car or solar panels. The battery only depletes when you use it.
  • LionCooler in portable mode. If you are connected to a power source, the battery will stay fully charged.
ACOPOWER 90W Foldable Solar Panel
  • Three 30W solar panels folding in a suitcase to be 90W solar panel
  • Highly Portable
  • Charge 12V solar generator by MC-4 adapter- battery with an inverter, power bank/station with built-in charge controller.
  • Can be used on its own or as part of a larger solar system
  • Extendable with MC-4 Connectors
  • Perfect Charging Pack to Bring Quick Charger Anywhere there is Sun

Package List

  • 1 x X50A Solar Fridge Freezer
  • 1 x DC Power Cord
  • 1 x AC Adaptor
  • 1 x Solar Charge Cable
  • 1 x 90W Foldable Solar Panel
  • 2 x User Manual

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