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ACOPOWER Adjustable Cup Holder for LiONCooler Portable Cooler & Fridge

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Tired of your drinks wobbling around and losing their chill? Make sure your favorite beverage stays put with the ACOPOWER Adjustable Cup Holder. It keeps things stable so you can sip in peace! Compatible with the LiONCooler Portable Cooler & Fridge, this cup holder is the perfect solution for all your drink-holdin' needs. Bottoms up! No more spills on your journey, so you can stay carefree and cool.

ACOPOWER Adjustable Cup Holder for LiONCooler Portable Cooler & Fridge

Enjoy delicious drinks wherever you go - cheers! No need to worry about your drinks tippin' over on your next outdoor excursion - the ACOPOWER Adjustable Cup Holder will keep them safe and sound! Whether you're headed to the beach or to a picnic, you can keep your cold one cozy and secure, so you can relax and enjoy the scenery. Now that's an adventure you can raise a glass to!

ACOPOWER Adjustable Cup Holder Features:

  • Adjusts to fit most drinks, from cans to large-diameter tumblers and bottles.
  • Holds drinks securely when camping with LiONCooler solar freezer.
  • Single container capacity folds flat when not in use.

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