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OVS EGOI Air Compressor 5.6 CFM With Storage bag & Hose

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Unleash the power of inflation with the OVS EGOI Air Compressor System! Take charge of your outdoor adventures with this high-performance 5.6 CFM powerhouse. From tires to air mattresses, it effortlessly inflates all you need, while the included storage bag keeps everything organized. With its versatile hose and attachments, this compressor system is your go-to tool for automotive, off-road, camping, and more. Don't let deflated dreams hold you back—embrace the ease and efficiency of OVS Up Down Air EGOI and elevate your outdoor experiences!

OVS EGOI Air Compressor 5.6 CFM w/ Storage bag & Hose 12099917
The package includes a convenient storage bag, making it easy to carry and store the compressor and its accessories securely. The storage bag helps keep everything organized, ensuring you have all the necessary components on hand whenever you need them.

The system comes with a durable hose and various attachments, making it compatible with a wide range of applications. Whether you need to inflate tires on your vehicle, air up sports equipment, or set up camp comfortably with an air mattress, this compressor system has you covered.

OVS EGOI Air Compressor 5.6 CFM Specifications:

Features: 1/3 Horsepower Motor putting out 5.6 CFM with a thermal cutoff switch, 120V heavy-duty battery leads with Alligator clips that make connection quick and easy, 150 PSI maximum output with 120 PSI working pressure, 75% duty cycle, 24' coiled air hose with integrated pressure gauge and quick connect fittings, portable design with nylon storage bag and handle. The Up Down Air EGOI Air Compressor System 5.6 CFM With Storage Bag, Hose & Attachments is the perfect way to keep your tires inflated while on the go. With a quick and easy installation, this air compressor will let you relax and enjoy your travels without worry. The air compressor system includes a storage bag, hose, and attachments for easy use. Whether you're looking to add some air to your tires before hitting the road or just want to keep your tires inflated while on the go, the Up Down Air EGOI Air Compressor System is the perfect solution. Order yours today and start enjoying your travels worry-free!

What's Included: Heavy duty Compressor, coiled hose, quick connect fittings, alligator clips, storage bag with handle.

Application: over-sized off-road tires, tractor tires, and trailer tires – a heavy-duty application which can handle Tire PSI requirements from 0 to 110 PSI

Vehicle Requirements: any vehicle with a 12-volt battery

The EGOI high-performance air compressor puts out 5.6 CFM, one of the most powerful portable systems today. The output this system puts out can handle the smallest jobs to the biggest with no problem. The sheer volume of air that this system puts out makes tire inflation quick and easy. Designed for the off-roader in mind, this system can work on bikes, boats, trailers, and RV tires as well.

Buyer Protection: We have an expert support staff. Should you feel dissatisfied, check out our easy return policy guidelines and reach out to us for any assistance.

OVS EGOI Air Compressor 5.6 CFM Features:

  • Maximum Air Flow 5.6 CFM
  • Maximum Air Pressure 150 PSI
  • Maximum Voltage 13.8
  • Maximum AMP draw 45
  • Maximum
  • 8' 120V heavy-duty power cables with alligator clips that allow connecting directly to the battery easy and quick
  • This workhorse features a 1/3 horsepower motor makes this one of the largest motors in the portable class
  • Built-in Thermal cut off switch makes sure your system doesn't overheat and protects your investment
  • 24' coiled hose with pressure gauge and quick-release fittings make this unit easy to use and stow
  • It fits nicely in our ballistic nylon bag with caring handles
  • Capable of handling the smallest to the largest jobs