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EcoFlow RIVER Pro Plus 160W Portable Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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Empower your outdoor expeditions with the EcoFlow RIVER Pro paired with the EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel, a dynamic duo delivering unparalleled portable power. The RIVER Pro, equipped with three 600W AC outlets and a robust 720Wh capacity, ensures you can power up to 10 devices simultaneously, making it the perfect companion for your on-the-go adventures. Weighing just 15.9 lbs, this portable powerhouse is designed for the explorer in you.

Recharge with remarkable speed using the patented EcoFlow X-Stream technology, reaching from 0 to 80% within one hour and achieving a full charge in just 1.6 hours. The EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel takes your outdoor experience to the next level, allowing you to harness the sun's energy and charge the RIVER Pro in 7.5-15 hours, depending on solar conditions.

Experience intelligent solar charging with the EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel, boasting a high conversion efficiency of 21-22%. Pair it with the RIVER Pro for enhanced solar charging, even in cold and cloudy environments, ensuring a continuous power supply for your devices. Built to withstand the elements, the EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel features IP67-rated dust and water resistance, making it ideal for outdoor activities like camping and hiking. The seamless, one-piece design and ETFE film provide durability and protection against ultraviolet light, ensuring a prolonged product lifespan.

EcoFlow RIVER Pro + 160W Portable Solar Panel - SKU RIVERAMPROSP161

EcoFlow EcoFlow RIVER Pro + 160W Portable Solar Panel Features:

  • 3 x 600W AC OUTLETS AND 720Wh CAPACITY: The RIVER Pro can power up to 10 devices simultaneously with multiple outlet options, including 3 pure sine wave AC outlets. It offers up to 720Wh power and it weighs just 15.9lbs, which makes it a portable power source for adventure on the go.
  • RECHARGE FROM 0-80% WITHIN 1 HOUR:The patented EcoFlow X-Stream technology enables you to charge the RIVER Pro from 0%-80% within one hour and offers a full charge in just 1.6 hours. Use the EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel to charge RIVER Pro in 7.5-15 hours at a charging rate of 10-25V/12A max, 200W max input.
  • INTELLIGENT SOLAR CHARGING: The EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel has a high conversion efficiency of 21-22%. Combine the 160W Solar Panel with an EcoFlow Power station to enjoy improved solar charging in cold and cloudy environments.
  • DURABLE, DUST & WATER RESISTANT: The EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel has IP67 rated dust and water resistance, which is thanks to a seamless, one-piece design, making it ideal for outdoor activities like camping and hiking. An ETFE film provides extra protection against ultraviolet light, prolonging the lifespan of the product.
  • *Please NOTE: This item is only applicable to orders in the US mainland states (except Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico).

Embark on your next adventure with confidence, knowing the EcoFlow RIVER Pro and 160W Solar Panel are your trusted companions for limitless, sustainable power. With a 24-month warranty for the RIVER Pro and 12 months for the solar panel, this dynamic duo is your ticket to a seamless outdoor power experience.

The Centerpiece of Your Adventure

Power up to 10 devices at once with all the ports you’ll need.

RIVERAMPROSP161 EcoFlow RIVER Pro Solar Generator (PV160W)

So Much More Sun

32 premium monocrystalline silicon cells provide a high conversion efficiency of 22%. Recharge even faster by chaining multiple panels in series or in parallel.

EcoFlow RIVER Pro Solar Generator (PV160W) - Portable Off-Grid Power

Better Together

Recharge freely and naturally when you link EcoFlow’s 160W Solar Panel to a RIVER Pro portable power station.

EcoFlow RIVER Pro Solar Generator (PV160W) - Solar Panel Portable Generator Bundle

Warning: DO NOT use RIVER series portable power station AC charging cables on DELTA series power stations. EcoFlow takes no responsibilities for any damages caused by customers' failure to follow instructions. Doing so will void the warranty.

EcoFlow RIVER Pro with Solar Panel + Extra Battery

EcoFlow RIVER Pro with Solar Panel + Extra Battery

EcoFlow RIVER Pro + 160W Portable Solar Panel - Specifications:

River Pro

Net Weight 16.8 lbs
Dimensions 11.4 in x 7.1 in x 9.3 in
Charge Temperature 32 to 113°F +/- 5°F
Discharge Temperature -4 to 113°F +/- 5°F
Color Black
Warranty 24 months
Charging Method AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adapter, Solar Panel(s)
Full Recharge Time 1.6 Hours (AC) 8 Hours (12V Car Adapter) 4-8 Hours
(Using 2x 110W Solar Panels in parallel with direct
sunlight) 6-12 Hours (Using 1x 160W Solar Panel with
direct sunlight)
Capacity 720Wh (28.8V)
Cell Chemistry Lithium-ion
Shelf Life 1 year (once fully charged)
Cycle Life 800 cycles to 80%+ capacity
Management Systems BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection,
Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit
Protection Low Temperature Protection, Low
Voltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection
Testing and Certifications UL Standard, CE, FCC, RoHS, RCM
AC Charge Input Power X-Stream Charge 660W Max
AC Charge Input Voltage 100-120Vac (50Hz/60Hz)
Solar Charge Input 200W 10-25Vdc 12A Max
Car Charger 12Vdc 8A Max
AC Output (x3) 600W (Surge 1200W) total, 120Vac ( 50Hz/60Hz)
USB-A Output (x2) 5Vdc, 2.4A, 12W Max per port
USB-A Fast Charge (x1) 5V/2.4A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A 18W Max
USB-C Output (x1) 5Vdc, 9Vdc, 12Vdc, 15Vdc, 20Vdc, 5A, 100W Max
Car Power Output (x1) 136W, 13.6Vdc, 10A Max
DC5521 Output (x2) 13.6Vdc, 3A Max per port

160W Solar Panel

Weight 15.4 lb (Solar Panel 11 lb)
Unfolded Dimensions 61.8 in x 26.8 in × 1.0 in
Folded Dimensions 16.5 in × 26.8 in × 1.0 in
Warranty 12 months
Rated Power 160W (±5W)
Efficiency 21%–22%
Connector Type Solar Connector
Open Circuit Voltage 21.4V (Vmp 18.2V)
Short Circuit Current 9.6A (Imp 8.8A)
Cell Type Monocrystalline Silicon
Operating & Storage Temperature −4°F to 185°F

*Please Note: The above weight, size, etc. have certain measurement errors. Please refer to the actual measurement.

Buyer Protection: We have an expert support staff. Should you feel dissatisfied, check out our easy return policy guidelines and warranty. And reach out to us for any assistance.

EcoFlow RIVER Pro User Manual:

Click to Download RIVER Pro User Manual

EcoFlow RIVER Pro Plus 160W Portable Solar Panel FAQs:

Can I control the RIVER PRO remotely?

Yes. You can control RIVER Pro using your phone. Just link to it in the EcoFlow app to control it from afar.

Can the RIVER PRO handle high-wattage appliances?

Yes. RIVER Pro can power devices up to 1800W with our proprietary technology, X-Boost. *X-Boost can run devices that require up to 1800W, however, it’s best to test before use. Some 600W–1800W appliances with strict voltage requirements may not function (e.g. air compressors).

Can I use solar panels with the RIVERPRO?

Yes. You can connect up to 2 sets of 110W solar panels to sustainably charge your RIVER Pro in under 3 hours.

Can RIVER PRO be used as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)?

It can be an emergency power source (EPS), which will have the same result as UPS for most electronics. Here's the difference. When your RIVER Pro is plugged into the wall, anything plugged into it gets power from the grid, not its battery. If power from the grid stops, RIVER Pro automatically switches to its battery supply mode within 30 milliseconds. That means anything connected will not have power for 30 milliseconds, which may mean sensitive electronics like desktop computers and data servers turn off. Test your devices individually to see if they need UPS to stay powered.

How do I get the most solar power?

Increase the efficiency of your solar panel by facing it directly at the sun without any obstructions. Remember to be careful when handling your solar panel because damaged cells provide less power.

Does it charge if it's inside?

Yes, if the only thing between it and the sun is transparent, but it won’t charge as well compared to being outside. You can compare the difference by looking at the input section of your power station’s LCD screen.

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