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TOAKS Light Titanium 700ml Pot

SKU POT-700-D115-L
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Our 700 ml titanium pot is perfect for a backpacker looking to cut weight, fuel waste, and cook time. Weighing only 3.2 oz (90 g), yet more resistant to wear than its counterparts, and boils nearly 3 cups of water, the 700 ml pot strikes the finest balance between durability and weight. We specifically engineered the 700 ml to cook faster, helping you save fuel and focus on the trail. It's ideal for a lightweight, efficient, and resourceful experience outdoors.

TOAKS Light Titanium 700ml Pot (Ultralight version)

With superior heat retention, the 700 ml titanium pot provides an optimal cooking experience with minimal weight, energy, and time. It's the perfect combination of weight, resistance, and versatility for an outdoor kitchen - no matter the destination. And with the ultralight version, you'll have plenty of room to pack the essentials. It's the perfect way to explore the world without worrying about your cookware slowing down. With its incredible durability and heat retention, you can feel confident knowing you're ready for any adventure.

TOAKS products do not have a coating.

TOAKS Light Titanium 700ml Pot (Ultralight version) Specifications:

SKU: POT-700-D115-L
Material: Titanium
Weight: Pot only: 2.3oz (65g) Pot with lid: 3.2oz (90g)
Capacity: 23.7 oz (700ml)
Dimensions: 4 1/2" (115mm) (Dia) x 2 3/4" (72mm) (H)
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