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TentBox Lite XL Spacious Family Vehicle Rooftop Tent, 4-Season, 4 Person

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Wake up to birds chirping and the sun shining through the skylight of your TentBox Lite XL roof tent. This TentBox Lite XL has features that make it the perfect roof tent for families, couples, or anyone who loves the outdoors. This car camping tent is ideal for enjoying the great outdoors without sacrificing creature comforts. It is spacious enough to bring your furry friend on your outdoor adventure!

The TentBox Lite XL 4 Season Camping Tent is made from high-quality materials built to last. The sturdy aluminum frame can withstand winds up to 39 miles / hour, and the waterproof fabrics will keep you dry in any weather. The tent is also easy to care for, and the mattress can be removed for easy cleaning.

Our super-sized TentBox Lite XL is great for families, people with pets, or those who like extra space. It has a super-king mattress that sleeps four adults comfortably and has many new features and material upgrades. This roof tent takes 5 minutes to set up, creating an excellent basecamp for any adventure.

TentBox Lite XL Family  Rooftop Car Tent Features:

Double Skylight: The double skylight and large all-around windows mean elevated 360° views of your surroundings, the sunset, and the stars. All windows are fitted with fly-mesh.

Spacious but compact: The XL is huge inside and can comfortably sleep four adults. Despite this, at only 62kgs, it weighs less than the average person. The fold-up design means it's compact, and you'll barely notice it on your car.

5-minute setup: Setup is easy; a single person can open it. The travel cover is rolled up & stowed away after the form, and the rainfly poles live in a drop-down pocket. Setup time is even quicker in 'summer mode.'

Summer Mode: The rain fly can be removed to enter 'Summer Mode' for a more minimal look and quicker setup - as no poles are required. It's still showerproof; you must keep the windows closed if it rains.

Dual-layer mattress: The fitted dual-layer foam mattress provides a comfortable night's sleep. The waterproof cover makes for easy cleaning and can be unzipped and removed.

High-performance fabrics: Stormproof, breathable, and UV resistant. All seams are silicon taped, and all zips are YKK. The matte travel cover looks fantastic (and rolls away), and all windows come with a zippable fly-mesh.

Comfy touches: The fitted dual-layer foam mattress provides a comfortable night's sleep. The waterproof cover makes for easy cleaning and can be unzipped and removed.

Robust construction: It's rated for winds up to 39mph, thanks to the strong aluminum frame, high-grade stainless steel hardware, and heavy-duty hinge.

Premium Design, Special touches: The 'lay-flat' ladder rungs mean you can climb barefoot. The storage straps are great for hanging gear, and the internal pockets are great for small bits. 4x vents help promote airflow.

TentBox Lite XL Rooftop Car Tent 2-3 Person 4 Season Vehicle Tent

What's included with your TentBox Lite XL?

  • The TentBox (of course!)
  • Mattress
  • Ladder
  • Storage straps (to hang gear)
  • Travel cover
  • Mounting kit (to install your TentBox to your roof bars)
  • Welcome kit (fairy lights and a few extra goodies)
  • Free delivery
  • 5-year warranty

Buyer Protection: We have an expert support staff. Should you feel dissatisfied, check out our easy return policy guidelines and warranty. And reach out to us for any assistance.

TentBox Lite XL Rooftop Car Tent, 4-Person Vehicle Tent Specifications

TENTBOX LITE 1.0 Car Overland Camping Rooftop Tent Authorized Dealer Badge

Sleeping capacity: Four people
Set up time: 5 min
Opening mechanism: Manual
Wind rating: Up to 39 miles/hour (Gale Force 8)
Seasons: 4 season
Internal weight capacity: 300 kg
Anti-bug mesh: Yes, on all windows and doors
Integrated storage: Long inside pockets, a small hanging pocket, storage straps under the fold-out base, and a drop-down pole storage bag
Skylight: Two
Ladder: Telescopic, with spring-loaded brackets and 'lay-flat' comfort rungs
Fabric (pod): 280gsm rip-stop polyester canvas with a 3000mm hydrostatic head rating.
C6 DWR (water-repellency), 2400mm/24hr breathability and UV50+ protection.
PVC-backed cordura trim for added durability.
Fabric (rainfly): 210D polyester, with a 5000mm hydrostatic head rating.
C6 DWR (water-repellency), 2400mm/24hr breathability, and UV50+ protection
Fabric (travel cover):
600D, PVC-backed cordura, with YKK zip attachment & 6000mm hydrostatic head rating
Waterproof, silicone taped.
Zips: YKK outdoor zips throughout, waterproof zips on windows
Shell & frame assembly: Steel-reinforced honeycomb-aluminum base panels
with an aluminum framework and interlocking steel hinge
Hardware & hinges: Stainless steel
Mattress: Dual-layer 5cm foam
Weight: 62 kg
Mattress size: 180 cm x 240 cm
Dimensions (open): Width: 183 cm | Length: 240 cm | Height: 115 cm
Dimensions (closed): Width: 183 cm | Length: 120 cm | Height: 25 cm
Installation time: Quick and easy installation in 30 mins.

TentBox Lite XL Spacious Family Vehicle Rooftop Tent, 4-Season Installation:

Tentbox Lite XL FAQs:

Will it work with my car?

There is a TentBox model to fit almost any vehicle - aside from the odd exception like convertibles and smart cars. You need a set of roof bars, which you can get for any vehicle. Our quick guide is a beneficial place to get started, but if you need more help, please reach out to our team of product specialists.

Tools and parts required?

All tools and parts needed for installation (other than roof bars) are included in the box.

What are the benefits of a TentBox vs. a ground tent?

Despite the name, a TentBox is more of a sleeping pod than a tent, and it’s just one step away from a campervan. You can sleep anywhere you can park your car, including on hard surfaces like car parks or driveways, and you don’t need to look for a flat grassy pitch. They are also super quick to set up and come fitted with a mattress; depending on the model you choose, you can also leave your bedding laid out inside when driving so that it’s already made for you when you pop it open. High off the ground makes for amazing elevated views from the windows and means you are well away from the cold, wet mud and creepy crawlies. The natural air barrier between the TentBox and the car roof is an insulation barrier and means you stay warmer as the heat is not sucked into the ground. You can leave a TentBox on your car all year round, which means you are ready for spontaneous adventures at the drop of a hat. Whether a weekend away at a campsite after a long week at work or sleeping on a friend's driveway after a dinner party, everything is possible once you have a TentBox. After the initial investment, it’s a cost-effective way to travel as there are many free places to park up for the night, and campsites are far cheaper than hotels.

Is a TentBox warm and weatherproof?

We’ve built all of our TentBox models to be stormproof; you will have no issues in even the harshest conditions, should you choose to go out in them! This is due to our high-performance fabrics and constriction quality. As for warmth, a TentBox is naturally insulated as it is raised away from the ground with an insulating air barrier. The foam mattress also adds a layer of protection, but a warm sleeping bag is advisable for colder temperatures. We’ve had TentBoxers adventuring to the arctic circle, and the feedback was great.

Will it fit a tall person who is over 6ft?

Yes! All of our TentBox models are over 7ft long—the Tentbox Lite XL has a sleeping footprint of almost 8ft long.

Can I keep a TentBox on my car all year round?

You can keep a TentBox on your vehicle all year round - lots of people do, and this is what it is designed for! The beauty of a TentBox is the instant, spontaneous adventure that it enables, so having it there ready to go is a big part of this. However, if you want to take it off (say during winter), that’s cool too. It can be stored on its side in a cool, dry place - make sure to dry it out before storage.